Jiu-Jitsu is Perfect for ‘High Energy’ Children (and shy children too)!


We love working with all different types of children at Flo Life BJJ+.  Whether your child is a little shy or has lots of energy… they’ll fit right in.  Our Holistic approach to the martial arts is based on the philosophy that we all our uniquely different and thus learn differently.  Jiu-Jitsu is an amazing martial art for children because it doesn’t “force” children into a one size fits all mentality.  But rather allows children to fit in where they fit in best.  We support this modality in our classroom by addressing and honoring each child’s individual needs and goals.  Not only will your child learn amazing martial arts, but they’ll become confident, expert problem solvers.  Learn martial arts in supportive, positive environment where your child becomes the hero of their own story!  Join us for a FREE class today and experience something different at Flo Life BJJ+.  (ages 4 – teens)

Let us help with your High Energy child




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