Micro Seminar – Inversion-101: Beginner to Advanced inversions


In this video we go into details on how to safely and effectively perform inversions in BJJ / grappling.  I firmly believe that if you want to develop this skill set you have to start early in your training.  What is the benefit of inversions? First off, what exactly is an ‘inversion’?  The word inversion means, the reversal of order or relationship of something.  You normally stand and walk upright, so inverting means to move your head towards your legs (not away like standing).  This position, when not practiced or understand can work against you in Jiu-Jitsu and even potentially cause injury.  For example:  if you cannot safely put your legs over your head due to a lack of flexibility and poor range of motion yo will likely get hurt when someone forces you there.  In grappling this will definitely happen at some point.  When you can invert you make your guard VERY challenging to pass and recovering your guard even easier.  Make inversions a lone-term project.  It’s not something you’ll get in a day or week.

Tips for developing inversions:

  1.  Add inversions and lots of legs over the head stretches to your daily routine.  (balance this stretch by stretching your spine in both directions – think cobra stretch in yoga)
  2. Wall drills – Practice inverting with a wall behind your for leverage and making turns.  You can do this at home with even just a tiny bit of space.
  3. Ease your way there – Start with light, gentle stretching.  ALWAYS stretch and properly warm up whenever you are going to grapple live.
  4. Practice live – Try playing with turning upside down when you roll.  You don’t have to do anything crazy other than practicing making a safe turn.  Example:  From guard try making full turns with no other than doing it.

See you on the mats – Happy training friends!  

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