Thumb ‘grip break’ that works EVERY time!

Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 8.57.22 AM.png

I love this grip break!  I came up with this one while exploring finger and small joint locks.  By that I mean joint manipulations with fingers…. which is illegal in BJJ and MMA matches.  But I do think they have some relevance to self-defense.  The problem is practicing them safely while keeping your digits in tact.  I started looking at how I could use them safely and effectively during a grappling match.  Not as an submission but in other ways.  For example:  releasing gi grips, choke releases, etc.  In this video I demonstrate a really cool release that will work on ANYONE’S grip!  Why? because like good Jiu-Jitsu it requires little strength or effort.  Give it a try and please be mindful of your partners fingers…  Happy Training Ninjas!

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