Healthy Holistic Meals: Sesame Tempeh & Noodles!

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Sesame Tempeh and Noodles

In this new segment on our site we will share our secrets to health conscious, earth conscious and animal conscious meals that are budget friendly and taste amazing!

Try a ‘meat free’ meal and replace it with tempeh.  Have you ever had tempeh? 

Tempeh is a fermented soy product that’s a popular vegetarian meat replacement.  It’s high in protein, probiotics and a wide array of vitamins and minerals, tempeh is a versatile ingredient that comes with a variety of health benefits.   It’s very easy to cook with and tastes amazing!

Ingredients:  Tempeh, buckwheat noodles, sesame oil, black pepper, Tamari, coconut nectar.

Watch our video below for more details and happy, healthy, conscious eating!


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