BJJAfter40 TV: *NEW* Episodes 1 & 2

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In this IGTV (Instagram TV) episode we talk about Why no takedowns? I love takedowns but they run a pretty high risk for injury. This is especially true if you are doing full om resistant, competitive takedowns. You have to be VERY careful anytime you are tackling the knees. This is extra important if you are a 40+ grappler. I don’t know about you… But I can’t afford to have a serious injury. I never strated this to have multiple surgeries… I doubt you did either. I’m not saying you shouldn’t practice takedowns… Well anyways Watch this episode and please comment below…. Happy Training and be sure to find us on our IGTV channel on Instagram at @BJJAfter40


Epsiode Two of our BJJAfter40 Instagram TV channel. Here we discuss the importance of cultivating your inner seeds on and off the mats! How you can make the most of every class and take a move from a mental construct into the physical reality. Watch and please comment below…. Get our latest episodes as they come out each week @BJJAfter40 on Instagram!

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