The Four Main Positions of BJJ


The four main positions:  Guard, Side Mount, Mount and Back serve as your “sign posts” when you’re grappling.  They act as a hierarchy, with each position improving your chances of a submission.  A good rule of thumb is, “position before submission.”  In other words, your probability of getting a submission from a “bad position” is very low. You’re always seeking the guard, side, mount or back.  These positions offer a safety net (your pretty safe in your 4-main positions) and they expose your partners limbs / or neck.  Think of it this way (by the way this is how we teach it to kids), if you were in the open ocean swimming you would at risk for a shark attack.   Your 4-main positions are your islands.  If you get to an island you are safe from an attack.   The video below shows examples of the four main positions.  Now stay away from those sharks!

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