The Headhunter Instructional is coming…


Headhunter Instructional to be Released this Fall!

We are very excited about the upcoming release of the Headhunter Instructional series.  This has been two years in the making and really more like a lifetime in it’s creation.  The Headhunter is a video instructional series to be released by the Jiu-Jitsu Brotherhood this Fall.  It will be around three hours of detailed instruction on my choking system.  We show triangle chokes from every possible position / the Kraken Choke / the Head Lopper Choke / Baseball chokes /Ninja chokes / Cryangles and all kinds of great ninja moves!  This instructional will be chocked to the brim with great content.  We also show every move at multiple angles / with close ups / slow motion / and with detailed onscreen instructions.  The editing is off the hook! We’ve even included a segment with supporting stretches and details to develop the skills to maximize the techniques.  Get ready Ninja the Headhunter is coming soon!

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