Flo Life BJJ Curriculum to Blue Belt


The Flo Life BJJ curriculum to blue belt is now completed.  This is the most updated version of the curriculum.  There are three components to the curriculum:  Mental, Emotional & Physical.  The curriculums is a living, breathing entity and will continue to evolve with time.

What you can do right now:

  1. Print a copy and put into a plastic sleeve and put into a notebook for your review.
  2. Download the PDF and keep it in your phone for reference.
  3. Go through the list and see what you know and note where you are unsure.
  4. Get a Jiu-Jitsu notebook today and start taking notes!
  5. Set a long term goal for when you want to achieve your next level and document it in your Jiu-Jitsu notebook.

flo life curriculum

Adult Belt Order:


Kids Belt Order:


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