How often should I train?


How often should I attend class?

Remember how often should I train and how often should I take class are two different questions.  You train every day!  You take class 2-3 times per week.  

If you want to achieve results at any endeavor you have to make a concerted, consistent effort. Consistency is the key that unlocks everything.  Martial Arts is way more complicated than just simply working out.  When you go to the gym you’re exercising for the sake of exercise.  When you practice martial arts you’re learning a new skill that requires exercise.  You can’t treat the acquisition of this new skill lightly.  It doesn’t mean that you have to take class 7-days per week.  But if you average 2-3 times per week you will get pretty amazing results. I always say if you dip your toes… you’ll get dip your toes results… But if you go in head first…. of boy!  (I’m a big believer in go big or go home.) Going big for you and your schedule might mean two consistent days per week.  In our school at Flo Life BJJ our classes typically run for 90 minutes.  With two days per week you’re on track for three solid hours of BJJ per week!  That’s pretty awesome for any practitioner.  Remember, unless you’re making this your life’s work then you don’t need to be on the mats 7-days per week.  Your body needs time for rest and recovery.  Martial Arts is demanding on the body, therefore we must give it all the attention it requires post training.

You can take your martial arts off the mat by trying the following:

  • Park – Take a yoga mat to the park for a nice stretch alone or with a partner.  Use this time for meditation / mental reps or practicing breathing.
  • Drilling or Coffee – Meet up with a classmate for some drilling or just grab a cup of coffee and talk about training / or review some videos.
  • Videos – Go to a park or a coffee shop and watch / study some BJJAfter40 videos!
  • Notes – Review your notes and plot and scheme for your martial arts future.  Set some short and long term goals.
  • Hike – Go for a hike with a class mate or friend.  Find some space along the way for a stretch or practice some stand up martial arts.

Remember, consistency is always the key!  Be creative and resourceful with your training.  You’re important, therefore IT is important!


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