Motivation Hacks for Jiu-Jitsu Tips & Tricks to stay inspired in your BJJ Training

Motivation Hacks for Jiu-Jitsu 

Tips & Tricks to stay inspired in your BJJ Training 


Staying engaged in Martial Arts takes discipline. It’s not always going to be easy. There will be times where you don’t feel like it. Yet letting our laziness, hectic schedule, or insecurity get the best of us will never result in what you truly want – the end goal of being a black belt, which is really just the beginning. Be sure to stay in touch through all of our social media sites @FLOLifeBJJ @BJJAfter40 and see you on the mats! 



Origin Maine Gi*Dress The Part 

Make sure you have what you need for training. A raggy old t-shirt isn’t going to cut it for long term training. It’s worth the investment to build up an arsenal to get you through the toughest classes. This includes a quality gi that you love, rash guards (yes, you need more than one), bottoms that facilitate 360 degree movement and whatever else you personally prefer to make Jiu-Jitsu a pleasurable experience. 


*Try the Buddy System 

Doing it alone is unnecessary and not nearly as fun! No matter what your personality, there is someone just your style that you can count on to meet you for class, drill with, or challenge you when needed. This is a two way relationship so you can offer support when they might need it too. Text to coordinate classes, talk about your favorite Jiu-Jitsu moves, and have a homie who gets it! 


images-4*Reward Yourself 

It’s important to acknowledge that you’re doing something really valuable with your time and healthy for your mind, body and spirit. When we’re young it’s stickers and high fives, now as an adult you need to give yourself those same dopamine releases. Celebrate a stripe with a delicious dinner or your next belt with a new gi. Giving yourself incentive to have positive energy outlets will only help encourage your subconscious to stay on the path towards your best self. 


*Set The Stage 

You have to prepare yourself for class. Just like it’s your job, take it seriously. Try to get a good night of sleep. Wake up with the intention that no matter how your day goes you’ll have Jiu-Jitsu to help you feel great. Make sure to bring a water bottle to training! Wash your workout wear (and gi) after every session. Being proactive in preparing will pump you up for BJJ, not drag you into more to do’s. 



The Jiu-Jitsu Planner
*Write it Down 

Having a Jiu-Jitsu journal is a true game changer! It’s a way to solidify and expedite the learning process, no to mention cool to look back on further down the road. Spending a minimal amount of time after class to take notes will provide maximum results. This is beneficial for any belt rank and a must when you’re ready to retain what you were taught. Have a pen/pencil handy and keep your notebook in your BJJ bag. You’ll notice a difference within weeks of writing everything down. 


*Let it be Known 

Put it out there. Whether it’s telling your spouse, social media or a pet, find anyone to share with. It’s the first step in anything becoming really real. Don’t be timid about this either. Dream big and often. Seek out the supporters who will cheer you on, especially when you’re not feeling too secure with your training. The only way people can be there for you is if you have enough bravery to trust them with your personal objectives. 


*Give yourself A Goal 

Nobody else is going to do this for you. They don’t have the power. Only you know what is worthy. This is such an individual thing. For some it may be competition, others may strive for a certain number of classes per week. There is no goal too small so just start somewhere and like a staircase build up. Don’t compare what other people aim for just focus on yourself and each step to get you closer. Time goes by anyway, you may as well get everything you want! 



Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt
Mike ‘Spider Ninja’ Bidwell

*Look Toward Others 

Give yourself some much needed motivation by mimicking someone who has what you’d like. What did they do to get where they wanted to go? What are their current ways of living the life you’d like to create? Notice how every journey is different and each success story is filled with setbacks and obstacles that had to be overcome. If they can do it, you can do it too! 


*Do it Anyway

Spoiler alert: You’re going to question why you’re doing this at times, you’re not always going to want to go to class after a long, hard day. These are the exact pivotal moments that will retrain your brain to benefit your wellbeing. By getting it done and going after it no matter what it manifests an unstoppable ‘You’! Think of looking towards others, we all go through valleys. The point isn’t to reside there, it’s to keep climbing so you reach the peak!  



Jiu-Jitsu Clock

*Incorporate it into your Daily routine 

Just like you brush your teeth daily it’s no different to add physical activity to your list. Everyday you exercise it increases your energy, makes you feel great and decreases your chance of illness. You don’t realize how much it impacts you until you don’t have it in your life. Don’t get to the point where you have to always be making a comeback. When you workout regularly it becomes part of a lifestyle, not a random happening. 


*Set an Alarm, put it in your Calendar 

Take advantage of technology or go old school by posting notes. However you accomplish it, set it in stone that you’re making training a priority. Setting a schedule will allow you to see how it truly does fit into any life, regardless of how rigorous it is. If it’s out of sight then out of mind and too easily days turn into weeks and quite suddenly you haven’t trained in a while. As humbling as Jiu-Jitsu is, it’s 10x worse when you’re making you’re back to repping that rank. 



*Listen To Music while Getting ready

Music is magical for getting you stoked about anything you’re doing. Listen to upbeat songs, nothing dreary and bleak. It’s fun to listen to your favorites while your driving or transitioning into Jiu-Jitsu mode. Have your very own set of tunes for knocking out a daily home stretch and exercise session. You can make an after playlist too that will facilitate in the winding process to jump start your relaxing and recovering. 


*Try different 

Switch it up anyway possible. Maybe that means a new training day. If you always attend day classes opt for a night or weekend time. If you can only make certain days then adjust who you roll with. Don’t be biased here, you need to to learn how to grapple with everyone. Make it a game by only working a specific tactic or focus on one main position. Jiu-Jitsu is limitless and so is your potential. Get to know another side of yourself! 


*Schedule a Private Lesson

There is nothing better than getting your instructor all to yourself! Having their full attention will let them see where your excelling and what needs work. They can offer their years worth of experience and knowledge and make huge shifts in just one session. Be mindful that you pay for what you get so don’t skimp and search for discounted deals when it comes to your future.

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