*NEW* Full Length Home workout for Adults & Home Tracker!

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Our adult home workout tracker is now available.  Simply print this sheet and document all of your home training sessions.  I look for students to average two, one hour classes per week (plus grappling) to consistently progress with stripes and belts.  (8 classes in one month) Whatever time you track can be applied towards those goals.  In addition, it’s imperative that you stay consistent with training right now.  Exercise will strengthen your immune system and bring mental and physical balance.

Plus… who wants to lose all the hard work you’ve put into Jiu-Jitsu!  

Adult Workout Tracker FLO Life BJJ (printable version)

Be sure to join me in this challenging workout!  It’s a 17 minute session of warm ups, conditioning, core work, stretching & more!  Let us know how you’re doing and what support tools you need for home training… -oss

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