Hacks to keep your Kids moving at home!

We all want the best for our kids and there are certain things we’re able to control to help establish their mental, emotional and physical well being. Daily exercise is a must for every child to maintain a happy, calm and healthy presence. Not only do home workouts provide an increased immune system, they also offer a positive outlet to allow kids to get all that energy out 🙂 Check out these five helpful hacks to keep your kids motivated and moving at home!




1.) Let them stay involved

We encourage you to monitor and allow their social sharing with our Martial Arts Community through Facebook and Instagram. It’s immensely fun to interact via a homemade video. There is no age restriction for inspiring others and every adult who also trains would love to express their support. It’s a great way to let them perform and show off their skills!



Unknown-32.) Screen time = Active time

Teach your kids out of the classroom the tool of technology. Help them associate screens with movement first, then as a way to relax for a limited amount of time. Instead of just having free access to screens try a compromise. For every 45 minutes of activity they may be allowed half that time in screen time of their choice. Remember that 45 minutes of activity may be applied towards a full class for treasure chest prizes and stripes! We recommend setting a time so they can create a sense of beginning and ending. Content is updated daily so kids can choose from multiple videos that they’d like to participate in.





3.) Schedule it for them 

Being a parent is all inclusive. Making a simple routine can really help assist any age in time management. It could be written up or verbally spoken. Something like “Okay, first we’ll exercise for 45 minutes, then take a refreshing shower and finally get a snack and play a game.” Sandwich fitness into fun by making it an everyday part of their normal routine.




4.) Let your actions set the tone

Yes, it would be awesome for you to participate with them. If not, how can you be an active part in their exercise? Maybe you count out a set of reps for them? What if you workout first then tell them “Okay, now it’s your turn!” If you put out the good vibes surrounding exercise it’s guaranteed to be reciprocated. Let them mirror your healthy choices and actions to achieve physical goals.





5.) Provide different scenery 

Working out doesn’t need to stay in one specific spot. Switch up the rooms and times to keep things fresh. Maybe try the garage. Take your device (tablet, phone, etc.) and go outside for a workout. All you need a little bit of space and you’re set!



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