Upcoming Blue / Purple Belt Test (Plus tips for home training)


We are excited to announce our upcoming blue / purple belt test.  The date will be Thursday June 18th!  We will be announcing blue belt candidates in the coming days (although some of you have been contacted already).  Our Purple belt candidates will be Jeremy Daniel and Sonny Kang.

In the meantime be sure to study the self defense curriculum available in the virtual academy. We are adding more and more curriculum every day.  If you are testing, make sure you are completing a home tracker sheet!  (I will be asking for them) Adult Workout Tracker FLO Life BJJ

It is recommended that ALL students complete tracker sheets at home.  These will be applied towards class credit which goes into consideration for future progress stripes / belts.  In addition, it is imperative to keep your flexibility and cardio at a high level.  Don’t lose what you’ve worked so hard to gain!

Tips for home training:

  1.  Plan your training in advance – Schedule workouts like you would class.  Block out time for training, stretching and curriculum review.
  2. I don’t have a partner?  You don’t necessarily need one…  You could get your significant other (kids, dog, etc) to drill / train with you.  What a great opportunity to share Jiu-Jitsu with them!  Or you can focus on doing the virtual workouts we’ve supplied (which don’t require a partner).  You can also do the self-defense as a solo drill.  Go though the movements as if you were doing them on a partner.  Engage your creativity and imagination.  Physical reps are always better… but watching and studying videos can be good too.
  3. Get outside!  Take a yoga mat outside on your deck / park or garage and do your stretches / movements / self-defense.  The fresh air will feel great and a change of scenery is always pleasing.
  4. Get Flexible!  What a great time to really dive into stretching.  Spend time every day going though at least 15 (more is always better) minutes of active stretching.  By active we mean that you aren’t sitting in a static position but rather moving through the stretches.  You can add each of the four main positions into your routine (guard, side control, mount & back).  This will make it feel more like Jiu-Jitsu!

Be sure too use the resources we’ve supplied!  We are adding more and more content every day.  If you’re a beginner…  start studying the blue belt curriculum NOW.


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  1. The fresh air really does help. I started training a while ago but my training has paused for GOD knows how long because of virus and i would rather practice alone than wasting my time.
    Great tips! Im definitely gonna practice and try and follow your tips. Thanks!

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