*NEW* Adult Home Training session


It’s more important thank ever to keep moving and grooving!  For some us our work life has been resigned to our home.  If you’re grounded right now… then you’re probably moving less and less.  Think about it.  You don’t walk to your car… from your car to work… moving around from room to room, etc. at work.  Your workspace may now be your home office.  Which is far less “moving around”.  You have to make up for this deficit plus all the BJJ workouts, gym time, etc. you’re missing.  But alas we are here to save the day!

For home workouts you need to have five aspects to it:

  1. Daily stretching to maintain and improve your “Jiu-Jitsu flexibility”.
  2. Keep your cardio strong.
  3. Add body weight training that resembles Jiu-Jitsu.
  4. Curriculum / technique review to motivate your brain and maintain timing / technique.
  5. Track everything!

By utilizing our online workouts you can easily achieve these goals!  But you have to stay motivated, organized and focused.  You stay inspired by not checking out… BUT checking in.  We have added a good amount of exercise, stretching and curriculum videos to keep you going strong.  (more and more are added all the time) 

Plan your training days in advance (no flying by the seat of your pants).  Recruit your roommate, kids, husband / wife, boyfriend / girlfriend, or dog to drill with you!  Even if they’ve never trained in BJJ… what a great way to introduce it while having fun training together.  Remember, we have designed each workout for limited space and no partners necessary.

We just added a two-part workout for “adults” (anyone including kids can do it).  Get after it Ninjas!  (Be sure you’re tracking your training via the tracker sheets below)

Adult Workout Tracker FLO Life BJJ

Kids Home Attendance Workout Chart FLO Life BJJ

Additional resources:  BJJAfter40 Main site  BJJAfter40 YouTube   Flow-Jitsu On-demand




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