Easy, Lightweight DIY Grappling Partner …with drills!

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Let’s be real, your family is only going to entertain being your Jiu-Jitsu grappling partner for so long. For those lucky enough to have someone willing to practice with us it’s still extremely useful to have a go to dummy to drill on. The problem is that grappling dummies are expensive! Also, they are really heavy, bulky and hard to move around. It’s more of a costly hassle than anything else – until now!

You can make a dummy to grapple with. All it requires is a couple of minutes and a few items you already have at your house.

There are a tons of different variations you can try. The point is to have it work for you and be something you’ll actually use!


What you’ll need:

  • Gi top (be sure to wash your gi top after every exercise)
  • Belt
  • 2 pillows (they need to mimic the body so not a small throw pillow, you can even use a body pillow)
  • 2-4 towels (use body towels, not hand towels or rags)
  • Gi pants or extra towel (if you’d like to build shoulders)



  1. Gather all necessary items
  2. Lay gi top flat with lapels facing up
  3. Roll towels then place in each arm
  4. Roll extra towel and gi pants to place in shoulders
  5. Stack 2 pillows in the body portion of the gi (bring the lower pillow up for a head)
  6. Tie belt around the waist
  7. Start drilling!


Mike ‘Spider Ninja’ Bidwell with @BJJAfter40 shows you how to easily create your very own Grappling Partner! He also includes ideas for different drills and submissions to work on.


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