Grappling Dummy Full home workout!


No partner, no problem!  Follow the easy steps we’ve provided in our DIY home grappling buddy videos.  This is a great alternative and offers you an easy to assemble (or disassemble), lightweight grappling dummy.

Your grappling dummy can be used to practice techniques, drill positions or striking.

You are only limited by your imagination.  Follow our workout below for kids or adults.

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In case you missed our ‘How to’ video on construction – see videos below for different options.

Kids Version below (a great kids home project)


In the video below we show how to create a more versatile dummy for Gi and No-Gi.  A gi top can easily be added.


KIDS: Grappling Buddy + Workout

Hello FLO Life Families! Do you know how much we care about you all? THE MOST! Each and everyone of you are in our thoughts and hearts. Please remember we’re here for you however possible so don’t hesitate to reach out and also share pictures and videos with us online @FLOLifeBJJ through Facebook and Instagram.

Is your child in need of a training partner to practice? We’ve got you covered! Check out this super simple way to create a grappling buddy using items you already have.


You’ll need:

  • A gi top
  • belt
  • 1-2 pillows (for the body)
  • 2 towels (one for each arm)
  • Gi Pants and 1 extra towel (this is if you need extra to make the shoulders)



  1. Gather all necessary items
  2. Lay gi top out, lapel facing up
  3. Roll up 2 towels to desired width and ‘string’ through each sleeve *use extra towel and gi pants if you need more material for shoulders
  4. Place 1-2 pillows in the body section of the gi top
  5. Tie the belt around the waist

That’s it – Boom! Instant Partner to play Jiu-Jitsu with 🙂

Check out the video below to see how your child can easily put together their very own friend to grapple with –



Once they have their buddy made (it only takes a few minutes!) have them follow along with these cool at home exercises.




Does your child have their own routine? Did they make up their very own set of moves? Video them and show us on Facebook and Instagram @FLOLifeBJJ!


*Remember to have your child fill out their home workout tracker for treasure chest prizes and a stripe!


Comment below and on YouTube with your family favorites to keep everyone moving and smiling!



Easy, Lightweight DIY Grappling Partner …with drills!

Screen Shot 2020-04-02 at 10.42.29 AM

Let’s be real, your family is only going to entertain being your Jiu-Jitsu grappling partner for so long. For those lucky enough to have someone willing to practice with us it’s still extremely useful to have a go to dummy to drill on. The problem is that grappling dummies are expensive! Also, they are really heavy, bulky and hard to move around. It’s more of a costly hassle than anything else – until now!

You can make a dummy to grapple with. All it requires is a couple of minutes and a few items you already have at your house.

There are a tons of different variations you can try. The point is to have it work for you and be something you’ll actually use!


What you’ll need:

  • Gi top (be sure to wash your gi top after every exercise)
  • Belt
  • 2 pillows (they need to mimic the body so not a small throw pillow, you can even use a body pillow)
  • 2-4 towels (use body towels, not hand towels or rags)
  • Gi pants or extra towel (if you’d like to build shoulders)



  1. Gather all necessary items
  2. Lay gi top flat with lapels facing up
  3. Roll towels then place in each arm
  4. Roll extra towel and gi pants to place in shoulders
  5. Stack 2 pillows in the body portion of the gi (bring the lower pillow up for a head)
  6. Tie belt around the waist
  7. Start drilling!


Mike ‘Spider Ninja’ Bidwell with @BJJAfter40 shows you how to easily create your very own Grappling Partner! He also includes ideas for different drills and submissions to work on.


But don’t stop there. . . .

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Comment below and on YouTube with what worked best to build your partner.


Still can’t get enough? Take it to the next level with Mike by checking out all of his Ninja Moves with Vimeo Videos on Demand available at




*NEW* Adult Home Training session


It’s more important thank ever to keep moving and grooving!  For some us our work life has been resigned to our home.  If you’re grounded right now… then you’re probably moving less and less.  Think about it.  You don’t walk to your car… from your car to work… moving around from room to room, etc. at work.  Your workspace may now be your home office.  Which is far less “moving around”.  You have to make up for this deficit plus all the BJJ workouts, gym time, etc. you’re missing.  But alas we are here to save the day!

For home workouts you need to have five aspects to it:

  1. Daily stretching to maintain and improve your “Jiu-Jitsu flexibility”.
  2. Keep your cardio strong.
  3. Add body weight training that resembles Jiu-Jitsu.
  4. Curriculum / technique review to motivate your brain and maintain timing / technique.
  5. Track everything!

By utilizing our online workouts you can easily achieve these goals!  But you have to stay motivated, organized and focused.  You stay inspired by not checking out… BUT checking in.  We have added a good amount of exercise, stretching and curriculum videos to keep you going strong.  (more and more are added all the time) 

Plan your training days in advance (no flying by the seat of your pants).  Recruit your roommate, kids, husband / wife, boyfriend / girlfriend, or dog to drill with you!  Even if they’ve never trained in BJJ… what a great way to introduce it while having fun training together.  Remember, we have designed each workout for limited space and no partners necessary.

We just added a two-part workout for “adults” (anyone including kids can do it).  Get after it Ninjas!  (Be sure you’re tracking your training via the tracker sheets below)

Adult Workout Tracker FLO Life BJJ

Kids Home Attendance Workout Chart FLO Life BJJ

Additional resources:  BJJAfter40 Main site  BJJAfter40 YouTube   Flow-Jitsu On-demand





Upcoming Blue / Purple Belt Test (Plus tips for home training)


We are excited to announce our upcoming blue / purple belt test.  The date will be Thursday June 18th!  We will be announcing blue belt candidates in the coming days (although some of you have been contacted already).  Our Purple belt candidates will be Jeremy Daniel and Sonny Kang.

In the meantime be sure to study the self defense curriculum available in the virtual academy. We are adding more and more curriculum every day.  If you are testing, make sure you are completing a home tracker sheet!  (I will be asking for them) Adult Workout Tracker FLO Life BJJ

It is recommended that ALL students complete tracker sheets at home.  These will be applied towards class credit which goes into consideration for future progress stripes / belts.  In addition, it is imperative to keep your flexibility and cardio at a high level.  Don’t lose what you’ve worked so hard to gain!

Tips for home training:

  1.  Plan your training in advance – Schedule workouts like you would class.  Block out time for training, stretching and curriculum review.
  2. I don’t have a partner?  You don’t necessarily need one…  You could get your significant other (kids, dog, etc) to drill / train with you.  What a great opportunity to share Jiu-Jitsu with them!  Or you can focus on doing the virtual workouts we’ve supplied (which don’t require a partner).  You can also do the self-defense as a solo drill.  Go though the movements as if you were doing them on a partner.  Engage your creativity and imagination.  Physical reps are always better… but watching and studying videos can be good too.
  3. Get outside!  Take a yoga mat outside on your deck / park or garage and do your stretches / movements / self-defense.  The fresh air will feel great and a change of scenery is always pleasing.
  4. Get Flexible!  What a great time to really dive into stretching.  Spend time every day going though at least 15 (more is always better) minutes of active stretching.  By active we mean that you aren’t sitting in a static position but rather moving through the stretches.  You can add each of the four main positions into your routine (guard, side control, mount & back).  This will make it feel more like Jiu-Jitsu!

Be sure too use the resources we’ve supplied!  We are adding more and more content every day.  If you’re a beginner…  start studying the blue belt curriculum NOW.