Bridge escape from side control

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In this video we show a very nice bridge counter side control escape.  This is a great move that utilizes the three pillars of BJJ:  Timing, Leverage and Technique.  Notice where these three elements are used during this counter move.  Happy training Ninjas!

If you are persistent you will get it…If you are consistent you will keep it.


Thumb ‘grip break’ that works EVERY time!

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I love this grip break!  I came up with this one while exploring finger and small joint locks.  By that I mean joint manipulations with fingers…. which is illegal in BJJ and MMA matches.  But I do think they have some relevance to self-defense.  The problem is practicing them safely while keeping your digits in tact.  I started looking at how I could use them safely and effectively during a grappling match.  Not as an submission but in other ways.  For example:  releasing gi grips, choke releases, etc.  In this video I demonstrate a really cool release that will work on ANYONE’S grip!  Why? because like good Jiu-Jitsu it requires little strength or effort.  Give it a try and please be mindful of your partners fingers…  Happy Training Ninjas!


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