HeadHunter Release party pictures!

Headhunter DVD Case 1

HeadHunter Release Party

Thank you to everyone who attended the HeadHunter Instructional release party!  We had a great time rolling, hanging out and just sharing good vibes. (Thanks to Lena for these amazing pics – if you ever need a photographer message her or I can connect you).  Be sure to check out the HeadHunter Instructional video now available through the Jiu-Jitsu Brotherhood.    Awesome as a holiday gift! Available as a digital download or 4-DVD set.


Ninja Healing Secrets for After40: Sublingual CBD Sprays


In this new segment, “Ninja Healing Secrets After40” I will be sharing tips and tricks I use stay at optimal health as I near 50 years old. In some segments I will share stretches and movements… In some we will share health related tips / recovery and more. In our first episode I spoke with Eric Pike from Root Origins. I have been friends with Eric for a few years. He has used me as a Guinea Pig to test his CBD products. His company Root Origins offers a sublingual CBD day and night spray. (Night spray is awesome for sleep) It’s an wonderful product that really works. I have had great results with inflammation and recovery from tough training sessions. Eric’s product is all natural and they follow it from seed to shelf! (It’s pretty amazing what they do to ensure the efficacy or this product) Listen in as Eric shares his great company and message! For more information on Root Origins GO TO:

**Not a paid sponsor – we have just tested the products.

HeadHunter ‘Rock & Roll” Release Party!


HeadHunter ‘Rock & Roll’ Release party!

Join us on Saturday 10/20 from 7:00 PM – ?

We will be celebrating the release of the Headhunter instructional with an open mat under the disco lights!  You can rock, roll, hang out, or just chill.  We will have food, a live viewing of the Headhunter instructional, music, grappling and more!  *Kids are welcome from 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM   

HeadHunter Instructional is NOW Available!

Headhunter DVD Case 1

The Headhunter is a 4-hour instructional video produced and created by Mike and Sheena Bidwell.  Along with the help of several Flo Life members.  (Thank you) This instructional is perfect for all levels (kids and adults).  To order click here

The Most Dynamic Neck-Attack System in the World

The incredible new submission system created and conceived through the eyes of BJJ black belt and BJJAfter40 founder Mike “Spider Ninja” Bidwell.

Over 4 hours of the most progressive and creative jiu jitsu attacks ever seen.

  • Headhunter focuses on chokes and strangles but includes tons of joint locks, foot locks and more. 
  • See through the eyes of a black belt  – every detail, angle and closeup is there!
  • Tons of Gi & No Gi moves – almost everything is translatable to submission grappling and BJJ
  • Get Mobile! Includes a full stretching sequence that corresponds to the moves in the instructional so you can easily develop the skills needed to effectively perform the moves.
  • Review each segment with close ups, on screen instructions, multiple angles and slow motion.
  • Enjoy clear, concise easy-to-follow instruction –  Perfect for all levels.
  • Includes all the moves made famous by the ‘Spider Ninja’ like: 

The Cryangle Choke, Kraken Choke, Ninja Roll Chokes 2.0, The Seppuku Choke, No Gi Spider Guard Attacks, Multiple Triangle attacks from inversions / unorthodox positions, Spider X Guard, Head Lopper Choke, Multiple Back takes / attacks and MORE!

 Get Headhunter today and upgrade your game!