Kids Corner

Welcome to our Kids Corner section of our website.  Please check here often for exciting new content that’s always centered on a ‘holisitic approach to the martial arts’. You will find coloring sheets, activity sheets, videos and so much more!

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Home Activity Sheets

Below you will find our kids activity sheets for your convenience.  Please print and bring to class for something special.  Remember Jiu-Jitsu starts in class but doesn’t end there.  Be sure you’re practicing your mental Jiu-Jitsu by having good manners and showing respect at all times (even when we don’t feel like it — and especially when we don’t feel like it).  What can you do today to make someone else’s day special?

uchi-mataUse the downloadable PDF’s below for printing.  Check in often for new sheets!

ude garami kids activity sheet 

favorite bjj move coloring sheet

advice from a tree activity sheet 

uchi-mata coloring sheet 

belt visualization sheet

BJJ Kids Video Lessons & Drills

Standing in Base:  How to stand safely from a grounded position.

Here’s a great lesson on how to put someone into your closed guard from the knees.

In this video we show the four main positions and key points.

In this video we show how to safely do the back break fall.  Always practice on a safe surface like a mat and always under adult supervision.

Fun balloon drills for home practice.  These drills help develop prehensile movements like a monkey.  If you observe a monkey you’ll notice that they can grasp and clutch with their hands, feet and tails!  In BJJ we learn to use our feet like a second set of hands.  These are fun drills to develop and enhance these abilities.