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If you’re just getting started in Jiu-Jitsu here’s what you’ll need:

  • Jiu-Jitsu Uniform (basic white uniforms are $65 – you can purchase here and we will size you in person. (mandatory for Jiu-Jitsu class) There are NO limits on what color uniforms you can wear in class.  
  • Mouth Piece – Not mandatory, but a good idea.
  • Rash Guards (tight, fitted compression shirts) / Spats (tights)  – These can be worn under your Gi (uniform) or are perfect for kickboxing or “no-gi” Jiu-Jitsu.  (not mandatory, but comfortable)


Beginners uniform

Basic White Starter Gi $65 Perfect for beginners Color:  White.  Will size when you pick up. Click on the cart below to purchase now.


If you’re looking for higher quality, 100% American made gi’s (and gear) then you’re in the right place. Origin makes the best quality gi’s, gear and apparel all made in their Maine factory.  Click on the links below to learn more about Origin.  Buy with confidence!

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To learn about Origin’s High Quality, Made in the USA gear Click here!


Products we support & use


Apex Hemp Oil is Cold Pressed 100% certified USDA Organic CBD OIL. This means from seed to seal our loyal customers have the confidence that the products that they are consuming are safe healthy and free of unwanted pesticides, chemicals, solvents or additives.   Apex Hemp Oil is the pinnacle of quality.  Apex CBD full spectrum hemp oil is available in multiple delivery methods (soaps, beard oils, hand lotions, oils, tinctures, protein powder and MORE).  CBD is amazing for recovery, joint pain, sore muscles and more.  

We strongly recommend this product and we use it on a daily basis!  All Flo Life members receive a 20% member discount (code:  spiderninja20 at checkout)

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Be sure to check out our friends at White Crow Botanicals for their amazing product

IMG_2111called “People Putty”. I get asked all the time…but I rarely ever endorse products. In fact I don’t even like calling this a “product”…but rather a companion to my training! People Putty is a natural, organic healing liniment that is sprayed externally on your skin. I have an old tennis elbow injury from early on in my BJJ career that has been very inflamed recently…So I thought this is the perfect test for People’s Putty. I stopped icing my injury and only used People Putty daily for 6 weeks and I noticed a HUGE difference! Not only had the pain disappeared but the tenderness was gone and and it felt amazing! I strongly recommend People Putty as a daily healing aid and supplement to the intense rigors of BJJ.


Trap and Roll Soap Company is a veteran owned small business that produces detergent free soaps and body wash in small batches for the everyday person to the grappling athlete. We use the finest blends of oils in our products to hold up to the riggers of day to day life. Whether it be at home, on a platform, in a studio, dojo or academy we strive to keep you protected from mat born infections. We stand with you, united in the fight against mat cooties.


Never Tap Knee Braces are my new best friend.  These aren’t cumbersome and annoying when I roll…They fit nice and the material is comfortable.  It’s without a doubt the best knee support system I have ever used!” -Mike Bidwell, Founder BJJAfter40


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