Tuition Services

At Flo Life BJJ+ we offer three subscription services.  All subscriptions are 100% cancellable – we require 60-days notice on all cancellations.  There are no additional cancellation fees.  

If a subscription service is not for you, then you may consider a class pack.  With a class pack you have 15 visits to use at your own convenience.  Class packs can be transferred and expire after six months.  

Class Pack – 15 Group Sessions 249

Base Flo – 140 per month 2 visits per week, Jiu-Jitsu + Kickboxing (subscription service)

Max Flo – 160 per month Unlimited, Jiu-Jitsu + Kickboxing (subscription service)

Kickboxing Flo – 75 per month – Unlimited Kickboxing (subscription service)

All subscriptions may be cancelled with 60-days notice – No cancellation fees.


Class Pack 15 Visits 249 (can be used for Kickboxing + Jiu-Jitsu)